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We have redesigned access to help you redefine justice.

Access to Justice already has enough barriers to overcome. We believe that technology should not be one of them. We’re currently working with Legal Aid Providers across the country to deliver better experiences for their clients and staff. Our platform reduces paperwork and cumbersome workflows through online PDF form completion. Civvis works with any individual court form or collection of forms such as those in a Self-help packet.

Civvis makes PDF forms 100% fillable from smartphones, tablets and computers.

Allow your clients to easily complete court forms and Self-help packets with Civvis. Are you a Legal Aid Provider that’s buried in paperwork, PDF forms, and data entry? We can help. Here’s how:

Paperless form completion from mobile devices

Our modern day society depends on smartphones. For many people, a smartphone is their only means of access to online information and services – including those which are provided by Legal Aid Organizations. Civvis is designed around a mobile-first framework. This ensures that your forms can be accessed and completed from any device, anytime, anywhere.

A “smart” design for all people: Pro se, Self-help, and the ADA

Meeting the demands of a diverse litigant population is a challenging task. Civvis offers user-friendly interview designs for multipage forms and Pro se or Self-help packets. Our designs are also Section 508 ADA compliant allowing PDF forms and paperwork to be completed by clients with disabilities.

Multilingual form capabilities

Language barriers can often cause delays, confusion, and frustration while working with clients. Our multilingual feature allows form content translations to be made through a client’s browser.

Client Communication tools

Communicating is key when working through complex and time sensitive legal processes. We provide customizable e-mail and text messaging features that can notify clients when a Legal Aid admin reviews their paperwork, schedules a meeting, needs additional information and more.

Easy to access data and statistics

Since Civvis is a paperless online solution for PDF forms, Admins no-longer need to manually transfer data from printed paper forms into spreadsheets or databases. Need those quarterly figures for a presentation or demographic statistics for that annual report? Civvis allows Admins to quickly export client submission data into Excel or CSV format. Excel not your thing? We’ve got you covered. Our Analytics Dashboard provides visuals such as graphs and charts that help you identify key trends overtime based on selected data criteria.

The features above are just a handful of many Civvis has to offer.

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