Civvis Features

Our platform provides a modern web frontend to any PDF court form allowing rich digital user experiences, seamless 3rd party integrations, and compliance with web accessibility standards. We make forms:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Accessible – Section 508 / WCAG 2.0
  • Easier to manage for all types of users (admins, data analysts, and submitters)

Document integrity

Our software maps user data directly to an uploaded court form rather than creating a new form from an HTML template per submission. By not altering the original form, this ensures 100% document integrity.

Mobile-friendly Forms

Instantly make court forms accessible and fillable from any mobile device. Civvis follows modern design standards and cross-browser compatibility.

Accessible compliant forms

Civvis was founded by a team of accessibility experts. At our core, we strive to make court forms accessible and usable for any individual regardless of their condition or impairment. We follow Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards and are constantly releasing updates to stay in-step with government mandates and regulations.

Electronic signature

Signatures are common requirements for most court forms. Civvis captures user signatures directly from a form field. This allows users to electronically sign their documents from their computer, tablet, or smartphone providing a seamless user experience and complete paperless workflow.

Digital signature

Digital signatures and Electronic signatures are often terms used interchangeably but in fact they are two different methods for signing documents. Often considered the most secure form of “Electronic signature,” Civvis digital signatures provide an extended layer of security by encrypting documents once signed by a user. This ensures data authenticity and prevents tampering from malicious origins.

Analytics Dashboard

Solid analytics and metrics are critical for making data-driven decisions. Civvis offers an analytics dashboard that aggregates and visualizes form data over time through tables, graphs, and charts. Our export feature allows one-click downloads in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats. Have your own Data Management software? No problem. We offer documentation for how to export metrics into external systems.


By design, Civvis workflows, form routing, and permissions are managed through configurations. This allows site administrators to maintain existing organizational approval processes and have granularity when creating and managing custom workflows.

Communication tools

In addition to our custom workflow features, we provide optional communication tools such as email and SMS text notifications based on form submissions and updates.

Multilingual capabilities

Our platform offers multilingual capabilities out-of-the-box. Form translations can be made directly within the applications content or via the browser through 3rd party plugins.

Customizable Branding

Maintain your brand identity with ease. We allow options for custom branding including logos, colors, fonts, and domain names.

Secure cloud hosting

Our hosting and support grants partners secure cloud hosting as well as on-call access to our technical experts. We offer application monitoring, service level agreements, data integrity and security, maintenance updates, and redundancy plans.

Easy data integrations

User data collected via our platform is safely transferred to our public-sector partners on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The data delivered is structurally sound and clean – ready to import into existing legacy applications.

Drupal ready

Drupal is an open-source enterprise content management system popular among large corporations, universities, and government agencies. We offer a fully supported Drupal 8 module for quick integration with Drupal sites.