About Civvis

We redesigned access to help you redefine justice.

Civvis revolutionizes how both the public and legal organizations interact with the complex paper-based court system by providing a simple to use, modern, device agnostic online platform.

Civvis is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and was founded by a collective of former court employees, software developers, UX designers, legal professionals and business strategists.

We understand the problem

In 2016, a unique opportunity presented itself to the team by way of a simple yet challenging question: how can the experience of dealing with the court system be user friendly for citizens and legal professionals?

We conducted a detailed analysis of various government agencies and how ordinary people interact with them. Our research led us to two conclusions:

  1. Courts and legal service agencies are good at collecting large volumes of data yet often struggle to provide modern, easy-to-use online experiences for citizens. This shortfall is due to a lack of resources, skilled personnel, and the inability to keep up with the rapid pace of private sector technical innovation.
  2. Citizens hold the expectation that interactions with online legal services will be as favorable as those offered by the private sector.  

Lying in the dissonance between these two conclusions grows a nascent frustration – on the part of the public who are perplexed by the complexity and sometimes convolutions when dealing with the court system; among judiciary employees and legal professionals tireless working to keep up with a workload that is increasingly outpacing them; and for the government, which wants to do good for its constituency but often fights to pinpoint how.

We set out on a mission to develop a platform that provides citizens the user experience they crave, the judiciary the assistance it needs, and the State the data they require to assess adequate administration of justice and satisfaction with the judicial branch.

Who we are

Sam Tate, Co-Founder

Sam TateSam, Co-Founder / Client Director of Civvis and is responsible for the day to day leadership and management of the company. Samuel brings to the team an over a decade of experience in personnel management, strategic development, marketing, customer & network operations, and web development for both public and private sector entities. He’s a natural leader and has a proven track record of getting the job done.



Mike Lotz, Co-Founder

Mike LotzMike, Co-Founder / Technology Director of Civvis and is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company including leading all aspects of Civvis’ technological development. Michael brings 20 years of experience to the team in application development, accessibility, technical strategy and project management in both the public and private sector. He’s a serial entrepreneur and enjoys solving problems with technology.


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